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Express Electrical LLC - Broomall, PA

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Electrical Service Upgrade:
  • New 40 circuit panel with main breaker
  • All new circuit breakers in panel
  • Entire home surge protection with $10,000 limited warranty
  • Grounding system package
  • Eight foot ground rod with #6 stranded copper connected to main panel in the event of lightning surge
  • Bonding of cold water copper piping in the basement
  • Bonding of hot water heater
  • Install all new outside service entry cables with new electrical meter box on the exterior of the home
  • All new electrical crimps to Peco's power supply line installed by Express Electrical LLC
  • Disconnect and removal of all existing service entry equipment
  • Free removal from property


Express Electrical LLC - Broomall, PA

Permits and inspections included

All workmanship guaranteed for 2 years

All materials guaranteed for 1 year


Interior Service Panel Box - Express Electrical LLC - Broomall, PA

This is an interior service panel box.  It consists of 40 electrical circuit breakers with a main disconnect breaker for the entire house. 


Electrical Main Panel - Express Electrical LLC - Broomall, PA This is the main panel. Note the consistency of workmanship and detail to each circuit. 


Electrical Meter Box - Express Electrical LLC - Broomall, PA This is an exterior meter box with service entry wires supplied by Express Electrical.  It supplies 200 amps of service as well as inter-system bonding block for communication cables.  Grounding package consisting of 8 foot ground rod with #6 copper wire. 


Emergency Generator - Express Electrical LLC - Broomall, PA The emergency generator transfer switch panel allows you to start up a generator and then restore power to critical circuits when utility power is not available.  You designate which circuits are critical such as your refrigerator, freezer, furnace, sump pump and certain lighting circuits.


Home Backup Generators - Express Electrical LLC - Broomall, PA We install gas or LP generators with selected circuits back-up or the entire house automatically.  From start to finish, we design the generator system as well as provide all the installations.  We provide all permits and inspections.  Guaranteed site location of generator to be determined with extreme care of the property. 


Express Electrical, LLC
 Broomall, PA
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